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Structured design and integration of video material

In today’s digital era, the integration of video material is becoming increasingly important – whether for education, presentations or entertainment purposes. Our team of experts with extensive experience is on hand to ensure efficient fixed video installation. Whether it’s fixed TV screens at airports, LED walls as storefront billboards, projector solutions in educational facilities such as schools, conference rooms and universities, or cameras in fixed TV studios, we focus on structured design and thoughtful integration to achieve maximum impact. Learn more about our customized solutions for an impressive visual presence.

Integration for immersive video experiences: Our approach

At Showmatrix, we are experts in integrating video footage into a wide variety of events. Our proven approach is characterized by the following steps:

  • Needs analysis: we analyze your requirements and develop customized solutions.
  • Technology selection: We select the appropriate video and audio equipment for optimal playback quality.
  • Clever placement: Thoughtful design enables seamless integration into the event environment.
  • Smooth control: We develop intuitive control systems for ease of use.
    Future-proof: Our customizable solutions not only support current requirements, but are also designed to seamlessly integrate future enhancements. We place special emphasis on durability and long-lasting results for our customers.
    Integration examples: Fixed TV screens at airports, LED walls as advertising space in shop windows, projectors installed in schools, conference rooms, universities, cameras in fixed Tv studios and many more.

Experience outstanding video integration with Showmatrix. Contact us for a personal consultation and let’s design an impressive video experience together.

Intelligent integration for immersive video communication: Our approach

Showmatrix stands for advanced video integration to enable immersive communication. Our approach is characterized by the following elements:

  • Requirements analysis: We understand your goals and develop individual solutions for effective integration.
  • Seamless connection: Our experts combine technology and room design for harmonious integration.
  • Dynamic presentation: From interactive displays to multi-screen setups, we create vibrant presentations.
  • Clear sound: We optimize audio integration for immersive perception.
    Future-proof scaling: Our solutions are adaptable and expandable to cover future requirements.

Explore the possibilities of video integration with Showmatrix. Contact us for a personal consultation and let’s create an impressive video communication together.

Impressive show events with Showmatrix

Showmatrix is globally active in the planning and implementation of professional video and control technology for large-scale events, general meetings, trade shows, exhibitions, concerts, and conferences. With us, you receive the perfect combination of high-quality video technology and our specialized personnel, including complete support from the initial inquiry to follow-up work.


Professional Event Planning: Showmatrix offers comprehensive solutions for seamless events.

Rent & Sale

Showmatrix is presenting a selection of event products available for both rent and purchase to meet your event needs.


At Showmatrix, we provide trained personnel to help facilitate your event seamlessly.


We take care of all logistical aspects of your event. From national and international transport to precise handling on site.


Hosting your event with Showmatrix ensures a professional implementation and a top-notch experience.



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